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Inside the Art of Microblading

Microblading is more than just a cosmetic thing. Microblading is an art form that creates the best eyebrow shape for your face. Manually performed by a licensed professional, a semi-permanent pigment is implanted into the skin using very fine needles that look like the shape of a blade, hence the name "microblading."

How Microblading Works

You may still be unsure about microblading, wondering how microblading works? What's the process? Is it like tattooing? Microshading? Does it hurt? The answer is no, but not entirely; well, let us break the microblading process down a bit.

  • Step 1. Brow Shaping

First, your esthetician will shape your brows to your desired liking.

  • Step 2. The Numbing Cream

Using a topical ointment takes 40 minutes to numb the areas, so the pain is little to none. During this time, you can go over your pigment choice to make sure it's the appreciated hue you want while the cream does its work.

  • Step 3. The Microblading Process

Microblading is done manually using a pen, not a machine that features very tiny needles smaller than your tattoo needles. These needles are used to draw intricate hair strokes by hand while simultaneously depositing pigment beneath the epidermis. What's the result? A natural fuller brow look that seems real and doesn't wash off. The process requires two sessions, with the second one being a touch-up to check if there were any spots that the pigment might not have adhered to. Also, to make sure you are happy.

Is Microblading For Everyone?

Microblading is ideal for people with patchy, thin, or uneven brows who want more natural-looking results. Every individual is not a perfect candidate for microblading, and there are several factors to consider, including skin condition and overall health. Clients with regular skin and narrow pores are the best candidates for microblading. Oil in the skin can cause microblading hair strokes to stretch and blur, but you can still get it done; know you will be at the risk of this if you have oily skin.

What about sensitive skin? Some could be sensitive to the pigment dye, but it is rare. That is why a licensed professional will always do an allergy test in your consultation before beginning.

The End Results?

The microblading process usually takes up to two hours to complete, and the eyebrows will darken soon afterward, so this is normal. Microblading is believed to give you natural-looking and sculpted brows for those who do not want it permanently but still want something with long-lasting results.

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