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How to Prepare for Your First Botox Appointment

Getting botox injections help your skin look tighter, firmer, and younger. If you want to minimize the appearance of fines and wrinkles, getting this treatment is a great option. It’s also easy to maintain as you only need one session for up to six months. With proper skincare, maybe even for longer.

If this is your first time booking an appointment for botox, here are some important reminders you should take note of.

Minimize Bruising

Bruising is one of the most common side-effects of botox, so you don’t need to worry if you do get it. However, there are ways for you to prevent this from happening in the first place. Taking these precautionary steps will allow your face to recover faster, so you can enjoy your younger-looking skin sooner.

For one, avoid anti-inflammatory medications at least a week prior to your appointment. This can make your skin vulnerable to bruising. The same goes for smoking. If you’re a smoker, try to limit your smoking in the days leading to getting botox, as it causes blood vessels to restrict. You’d want your blood pumping well through your veins to get the full benefits of the treatment with as little side-effects as possible.

Drinking wine, particularly red, can also increase your chances of bruising. Hold off on consuming alcohol in the meantime, at least a week before your botox treatment. Avoiding garlic, or any food containing it, must be avoided as well in the meantime.

Prepare Your Skin

Getting your skin ready for the treatment is as simple as washing it thoroughly. Leave it all natural; don’t apply anything else in the meantime, especially not makeup. Doing so puts you at risk of getting an acne breakout because your skin might become irritated in reaction to the treatment.

Putting an ice pack on your face prior to the treatment can also relax the veins, thus facilitating better circulation, which means less chances of bruising. As an added precaution, put a soft towel over your skin first before applying the ice pack to prevent ice burn.

Post-Treatment Aftercare

After your botox treatment, it would be a good idea to go relax and rest. The treatment may cause some swelling too, which could make it difficult to move your facial muscles. Skip your workout, at least for a day after your treatment, because this can agitate your blood pressure.

An increase in your blood pressure also increases your risk of inflammation, which, as you know by now, would cause bruising. Stay makeup-free as well for a day to avoid swelling and redness from skin irritation.

Of course, you’d want to recover from your treatment as soon as possible, so don’t do anything that would run contrary to your recovery. There should be a consultation before the treatment itself, so do feel free to raise your questions and clarifications to your doctor during that meeting. That will help you further prepare yourself for your botox appointment.

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