Enjoy Forever Lash Extensions With Permanent Makeup

Today's permanent makeup looks better and lasts longer than ever before. Yes, we know that with the word "permanent" you would think that it would already imply that permanent makeup was forever-lasting, but unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Just like with tattoos that eventually start fading and requiring updates, most permanent makeup will need some upkeep. The good news is that product and technique improvements have improved the longevity of many types of permanent makeup, such as in the arena of lash extensions.

If you struggle with having to glue on lash extensions every morning, then consider the benefits of permanent eyelashes. The most popular choices of permanent makeup lash extensions are as follows:

  • Mega Volume Full Set. Mega Volume is a brand name type of permanent lash extensions that are incredibly popular thanks to how big and flush they make the eyelashes. This is the premier choice for when you want thick, full, and jet black eyelashes to really accentuate your eyes. But just because they will give you a full look doesn't mean it is because each lash is thick (which would give a very fake look). Rather, Mega Volume lash extensions are made up of very, very thin lashes that are lightweight and feel natural. The magic comes with us adding 5 to 15 lashes each of your natural lashes to give that really stand-out appearance.

  • Volume Full Set. The Mega Volume Full Set is dramatic, maybe too dramatic for some. If you are looking for something a bit extra, something to give your eyes a fuller look but nothing extreme, then opt for the Volume Full Set. This uses the same ultra-light eyelash extensions but just not quite as much. The result is a very natural, fuller look.

These are the most popular of our lash extensions, but they aren't the only solutions we have for those looking for darker, fuller eyelashes. Visit our website today to learn more about all of our permanent makeup solutions and to schedule your visit to our Sarasota location for your makeover.